• Lyrics for Life

    Beautifully designed, large scale original prints of your favourite songs.


A few decades ago this used to be synonymous with quality around the world and we still think it stands for something. To us quality is paramount, and we want our prints to last as long as we’d like to see our boys scoring goals. The design and artwork, print, inks and paper are among the best in Blighty and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


It’s not about mass-production, making big bucks or a ‘that’ll do’ mentality. We want to build a collection of prints that tell a story! And make the experience of buying a print easy and enjoyable, whether it’s for a gift, an office wall or hanging in your home. We simply want to create something original to give back to the fans of these fantastic songs.


Every print is made to order and we will ship free to any UK address within 10 working days.
Live outside the UK? No problem, International recorded delivery is just £15.00 per order.