About us

The grand plan...

The big idea is to add to our collection of prints, including different artists each time. It’s not about mass-production, making big bucks or a ‘that’ll do’ mentality. It’s about building a collection of varied art & design and making the experience of buying a print easy and enjoyable.

A common problem

Getting a frame to fit the print you just bought. Do you spend ages trying to find one in shops or online? Do you pay someone (a lot) to frame it for you? Do you cut or crop the print? We started this website and project as a solution to this frustrating problem.

Why not

Buy a print designed to fit easily available frames. Our philosophy is about having something designed for a purpose. Because we design to a single size (A2) you’ll never have to crop a print yourself or pay over the odds or hunt for a specific frame.

Songprints are unique

Because we design to a fixed size you’ll never have to crop a print yourself or end up with an unbalanced design. All our prints are designed by us, meaning they’ll look the part and be original and unique to this website.

Printed in the UK

Print design isn’t just about how it looks, it’s how it feels. This is why all our prints are printed here in the UK, with a high quality print process. We print onto weighty matte stock, so they’ll feel great to touch, have vivid long-lasting colour and look amazing framed.

A decent size

We love big, impacting design and print. This is why our prints are A2 (420 x 597mm. Big enough to look great in any size room, but not too big that you can’t fit anything else on the wall.

Made in Britain

A few decades ago this used to be synonymous with quality around the world. We still think it stands for something. Everything from the print technique, inks and paper are all high quality and among the best in the land.